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DCFC - Data Centre Foundation Course [R22] (01-DCFCR22)

DCFC® is a course designed to deliver foundation knowledge about the data centre facilities infrastructure.

It provides participants with a global overview and knowledge on data centres which will be of an advantage to the participants who are looking at joining the ranks of professionals working in the data centre, ICT, infrastructure or the mechanical and electrical (M&E) design industry.

It will also form a solid foundation for participants who wish to pursue his/her studies either academically or to further his/her industry specialisation with professional certification courses on data centre design & build, operations & governance and/or standards & compliance.

Subscribing to this course will provide unlimited access for a duration of 1-year from the moment of purchase. In addition you will receive the student manual and EXIN exam voucher.

This course supports English subtitles and playback speed. Subtitles can be turned on or off. On small portable devices such as mobile phones, subtitles are loaded automatically, but can be turned off.

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  • Welcome
  • Module 1 - History of Data Centres
  • Module 2 - Data Centre Relation to the Business
  • Module 3.1 - Data Centre Standards
  • Module 3.2 - Data Centre Standards
  • Module 4 - Site Selection
  • Module 5 - Facilities Areas
  • Module 6.1 - Power Infrastructure
  • Module 6.2 - Power Infrastructure
  • Module 6.3 - Power Infrastructure
  • Module 7 - Lighting
  • Module 8.1 - Cooling Infrastructure
  • Module 8.2 - Cooling Infrastructure
  • Module 8.3 - Cooling Infrastructure
  • Module 8.4 - Cooling Infrastructure
  • Module 9 - ICT/Network Infrastructure
  • Module 10.1 - Security
  • Module 10.2 - Security
  • Module 10.3 - Security
  • Module 11.1 - Fire Safety
  • Module 11.2 - Fire Safety
  • Module 11.3 - Fire Safety
  • Module 11.4 - Fire Safety
  • Module 12.1 - Monitoring and reporting
  • Module 12.2 - Monitoring and reporting
  • DCFC Sample Exam
  • DCFC Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years