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CDMS - Certified Data Centre Migration Specialist [R22] (21-CDMSR22)

The CDMS® course is designed to expose participants to all aspects of a data centre migration.

It provides a step-by-step methodology which will enable them to reduce the risks involved in such a complex undertaking.

It will also provide participants with valuable and practical hints and tips used by seasoned data centre professionals who have done multiple complex migrations.

Subscribing to this course will provide unlimited access for a duration of 1-year from the moment of purchase. In addition you will receive the student manual and EXIN exam voucher.

Please note; If you are residing in Singapore, you are required to add 9% GST to the listed purchase price. EPI reserves the right to disable the login until the GST amount has been settled as part of the purchase.

After course purchase, payment of GST can be made using the following URL: secure payment

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  • Welcome
  • Module 1-1 - Data Centre Strategy
  • Module 1-2 - Data Centre Strategy
  • Module 2-1 - Project Management
  • Module 2-2 - Project Management
  • Module 3 - Risk Management
  • Module 4-1 - Migration Strategies
  • Module 4-2 - Migration Strategies
  • Module 5 - Legal Aspects
  • Module 6-1 - High Level Discovery and Planning
  • Module 6-2 - High Level Discovery and Planning
  • Module 7-1 - Design Target Data Centre
  • Module 7-2 - Design Target Data Centre
  • Module 8-1 - Detailed Discovery and Planning
  • Module 8-2 - Detailed Discovery and Planning
  • Module 9 - Safety
  • Module 10 - Security
  • Module 11-1 - Implementation
  • Module 11-2 - Implementation
  • Module 12 - Closing the Project
  • CDMS Sample Exam
  • CDMS Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years